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How Building A Custom Home Adds Value

In today’s seller’s market, competing for a resale home might not be the right move for you. As real estate experts in Ponte Vedra Beach and Nocatee, we have experience working with custom homebuilders to bring your dream home to life. And yes, even though you're building from the ground up, you want to have a real estate agent working alongside you during the construction process!

Aside from the stress of trying to buy a resale home, there are a number of other reasons why a custom home is a better value and choice. One is the quality of the build. Custom homes are built with the latest in building practices and materials, resulting in a home that better suits today’s buyers and is also more energy efficient, leading to a home that is more comfortable and helps save you money on energy bills. Older homes are often drafty, with poor insulation, outdated windows, and appliances that use more energy than necessary.

Plus, with a brand new home, you don’t have to worry about redecorating or even more drastic changes, because the house is already built and decorated according to your tastes from day one. Many people don’t factor in the extra costs involved in updating a resale home. Those costs can be simple ones, such as repainting, but they can also be major ones, such as replacing an outdated kitchen or fixing faulty, aging wiring, or even replacing a leaky roof. With a resale home, you never know what problem may come up as things like appliances age and fail. This often leads to costs that not all home owners are able to afford.

On the other hand, with a brand new home, everything is new and you have less risk of problems popping up. Should there be a problem, you have a warranty that will cover most major issues. Warranties typically cover the exterior – windows, roof, siding, etc. – for up to 10 years and the interior for one to two years.

As mentioned previously, new homes are also built with today’s owner in mind. You’ll find more outlets, larger windows, seamless indoor/outdoor living areas, open plans, walk-in pantries, spa-like bathrooms, patios and decks that are like second living rooms, and you’ll definitely find smart home technology. Older homes require a lot of expensive work to add in the kind of technology that now comes standard in new construction.

These are just a few of the reasons why buying a brand new home from a custom home builder in Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee is a great idea. We will work with you every step of the way, keeping your budget in mind, while also keeping your dreams in mind to help you create your ideal home. The benefit of new construction is that this new home is uniquely you, which is a fantastic value that you won’t find in any other resale home.

As real estate experts in Ponte Vedra Beach and Nocatee, we have worked with some of the best custom homebuilders and have knowledge of available lots in the area. If you're considering building a new custom home, please contact us. We would love to help you navigate the process of bringing your dream home to life.



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